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I am a passionate technology enthusiest who believes in the power of leveraging free and open source technologies to accomplish any computing task. I take a lot of pride in every project that I take on and work very hard to get things done in a timely manner. With three years experience in free software and web development, creating things is what I do best.

What can I do for you?


Design is always the first thing users interface with. Clean and thoughtful design is at the forefront of my work . From typography to color and layout your project is sure to be a joy for your clients to use.


Well written code is the other ingredient that goes into everything that I do. I strive to make sure that every line that I write is thought out to the fullest with no extra fluff. I always think that the best days of programming are the ones where you remove more than you add.

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Email: coleyoung@protonmail.com

Discord: obyx#3715

Matrix: @Retinazer:matrix.org